About Michelle


I’m Michelle and this is Feeding an Italian!

Currently a fashion publicist residing in Brooklyn, NY, I’ve launched this creative outlet to share some of my favorite recipes.

In 2012, I met John, an Italian American whose parents come from Ponza (his mom) and Naples (his dad). He is the definition of an Italian foodie. You could imagine the anxiety I had making sauce for him for the first time…

While I always loved to cook, it wasn’t that easy in the several NYC apartments with the smallest kitchens imaginable that I’ve lived in. Seamless became my most frequented website.

Then in 2014, John and I took a trip to Italy (a first for me!) and that re-sparked my love for cooking. I immediately fell in love with the country and their cuisine (how could you not?!). From a visit to Bologna touring a Parmigiano-Reggiano factory (DOP all the way!) to wine tasting in Tuscany to learning how to make fresh tortellini in Modena – it was truly magical.

Now living together in Brooklyn (with a real kitchen), I’ve decided to capture my experiences cooking for us. Some recipes are tried and true, others are brand new for me, but it’s all about trying new dishes and seeing what sticks. And while we can never stop learning, I’ll be showcasing cooking classes I’ve taken for some new ideas.

Now…let’s eat!